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Difference between medical insurance and whole life insurance

When choosing life insurance, the insurance content will change depending on the purpose of taking out the insurance.
There are two types of insurance, whole life insurance and medical insurance. Whole life insurance mainly refers to life-long death insurance, and medical insurance emphasizes insurance in the event of hospitalization due to injury or illness.

In recent years, due to the longevity of society, it seems that the number of people who do not set death protection at a very large amount is increasing.
However, with or without death protection, I think there is a huge difference in the unlikely event.
In the case of a sudden accident, it may be a life-threatening situation, and in such a case, you can receive a large amount of death insurance from whole life insurance.

As for medical insurance, it has become possible to purchase it at a reasonable price in recent years as a familiar existence.
Although it is not life-threatening in daily life, there are many plans that allow you to respond immediately to unexpected accidents or illnesses when you need to be hospitalized or have special contracts for specific parts. I think they are all there.

Both types of insurance have advantages and disadvantages, but medical insurance is much cheaper and depends on the purpose, but I think it is easier to take out.

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