Insurance Comparison

Comparison with foreign insurance companies

Life insurance includes life insurance originally born in Japan and foreign-affiliated life insurance.
Japanese life insurance companies are operated in accordance with Japanese law, so it is said that there are no extreme differences in dividends or insurance premiums.
It is said that there is no extreme difference, although the insurance premium and the amount of insurance will vary depending on the content of the life insurance you subscribe to.
Therefore, the disadvantage is that many Japanese life insurance companies have similar insurance products, but you can feel reassured that there is almost no difference between any life insurance companies.

On the other hand, foreign-affiliated life insurance companies have entered from foreign countries, so there is a disadvantage that they sometimes withdraw.
Foreign-affiliated life insurance companies differ in many ways compared to Japanese life insurance companies, including insurance premiums and coverage.
However, even if you have taken out life insurance, you may not even be able to cancel it if your business performance deteriorates and you withdraw.
In that sense, I feel that it is difficult to take out savings-type life insurance.

Overall, I think that life insurance companies originally born in Japan have the advantage of being able to join with peace of mind rather than foreign-affiliated life insurance companies that have newly entered the market.

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